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AP Podcast - Episode 69: Tim Morrow talks about conservation, the perception of animal care, and his social media strategy

December 25, 2018

Tim Morrow is the CEO of the San Antonio Zoo.  In this episode, Tim talks about his history in the industry, the myths and misperceptions many people have of zoos and aquariums and how two young hippos found love on the internet!

Tim Morrow's first job in the attractions industry was as a lifeguard at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.  What he thought would be a summer job while pursuing a career in law enforcement turned into a phenomenal career with SeaWorld San Antonio and then as the CEO of the San Antonio Zoo for the last 4 years.  Tim talks about how his career switch was very natural and when he fell in love with the industry, it was a perfect fit.  In this interview, Tim talks about how he focuses on quality and guest experience with utmost high standard.

Using lessons learned from August Busch, Tim incorporates the motto of "never stop looking up" into his leadership style, treating your employees like family, treating your operation like a laboratory and not a factory, and not being afraid to make mistakes.  Tim talks about the passion that his employees have for caring for the animals, and how that connects with every-day issues like eliminating plastic straws.  Additionally, he talks about how his social media strategy is that he "doesn't have one," even though he has a knack for creating some viral posts.  

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