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AP Podcast - Episode 100: Josh and Matt rapidly recount 100 takeaways from the first 100 episodes

July 30, 2019

Happy 100th, AttractionPros! This marks the 100th episode of the AttractionPros podcast!  Over the last 100 weeks, Josh and Matt have interviewed some of the top leaders and influencers from the attractions industry.  Along the way, they have also "peeled back the onion" on a number of hot topics, answered numerous mailbag questions, held 3 AttractionsPros Live events, visited the attractions of Las Vegas and Chicago, and had countless conversations that solidify their position as attractions "nerds"!  In this episode, they rapidly recount 100 takeaways from the first 100 episodes!

Have a question for the mailbag or know of a guest we should feature?  Drop us a line!

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